"God how we ache to be free."
- Alter Bridge (in Brand New Start)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Steady Traveller

In the past weeks I had the time to realize many things about the traveller I am, starting by realizing I am not much of a traveller but more of a nomad.

When you travel, you do not settle anywhere, living simply out of your bags or luggages, and that is fine by me. I actually love that. My problem, though, comes with food. Traveling, when you don't go to the restaurant, you buy only the food you need and you make your recipes simplier because you do not stock all the spices and sauces you normally use... For me, this is really hard. I realized that wherever I am, I feel exactly where I am supposed to be: I belong everywhere and adapt myself to any new places in no time. The only problem is to do not have a kitchen where all the things I love wait for me to be cooked and where a choice of spices never let me down. Only a fully-loaded kitchen. The rest is fine.

In those past weeks, except from the people I love, the only things I have been missing were my computer (I hate using Internet caf├ęs computers for personal matters), my guitar (I'll find a way in next travels) and my homemade food in exact recipes.

What does that mean to me? Exactly what I thought years long: I don't want to travel the world, I want to live the world. Settle in a place for an indeterminated time than move to another and another again... but settle. Living life as a nomad, not a traveller.

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  1. I really love travelling! It makes me feel fulfilled when I was travelling especially to unknown destinations.


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